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About Us

I would like to introduce all those who worked and cooperated with me to build this establishment since it started in 1992.


As I put my goals to work and deal with honesty and truth and fulfill my progress of this establishment. I never stopped also looking for personnel with high qualifications and expirience in all fields in order to utilize the most advance and modern methods in its applications, in management and computer sicience which helped us to give the best, either in work and service rendered at the right time.


Also, we have chosen the type of merchandise from the biggest internaltional manufacturers from all the world with the highest degree of quality and trust with their products.


In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who are dealing with this establishment, either from the govit or private sectors, and also I want to emphasize those who are working with me, for their tireless efforts to keep this success a continuing and a growing progress.


Subhi Ruwely
General Manager

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