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Forged Steel & Stainless Steel. Valves ASTM A105 800 & 1500 PSI & ASTM A 182 TP316, 316L, 304 Gate,Globe, Check & Ball (Screwed & Socket weld)
Cast Steel & Stainless Steel Valves ASTM A216 WCB & ASTM A351 AF 8M & CF8, 150, 300, 600 PSI Gate, Globe, Check, Ball & Butterfly (Flanged Ends)
Cast Iron Valves Flanged Ends ASTM Al26 PSI Gate, Check & Globe


We have in stock various sizes and shapes of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, Bronze & Brass Valves as Follows:

1, Cast Steel Valve M A216 WCB Flanged ends. Class 150#, 300#, 600#, PSI.
2, Forged Carbon Steel ASTM A105 Bolted Bonnet / Welded Bonnet Class 800# PSI.
3. Cast Stainless Steel CF8M. Flanged Ends. Class 150#, 300# PSI.
4. Forged Stainless Steel Valves ASTM A 812 TP 316 & 304. Bolted Bonnet/Welded Bonnet. Class: 800# PSI.
Also on stock are different shapes of Valves such as: Gate, Check, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Strainer, etc.
Valves in stock are manufactured by widely acclaimed manufacturers with stringent quality system designed to withstand the arduous off-shore and on-shore condition and high-pressure application to ensure that our customer's rigorous requirements are satisfied.


Cast Iron Valves:

Specification: ASTM / A126
Type: Gate, Globe, Ball, Y-Strainer, DRV & Check
Size: 2" to 24"
Class: 125 to 250


Carbon Steel Valves:

Spesification: ASTM / A216WCB, A217WC 6, 9 & A217WC 5, 6, 9 & 12
Type: Gate, Globe, Check & Ball
Size: 2" to 60"
Class: 150# to 1500#


Bronze Valves:

Specification: ASTM / B61 & B62
Type: Gate, Globe, Ball, Y-Strainer, DRV & Check
Size: 1/2" to 4"
Class: 125 to 250


Butterfly Valves:

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The line of K-Lok metal seated, fire safe, high performance butterfly valves conforms to fully rated applications in the marine, water, oil, gas and process industries. Grease or silicone free valves available for special applications such as paint or oxygen systems.
Specification: ASTM / A395, A216 WCB
Type: Wafer, Lug, Full Lug, Flange
Size: 1/2" to 24"
Class: 125 to 250


Gate Valves:

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Gate gate-valvesvalves provide optimum performance in conditions where high flow efficiency, tight shut off and long service is required. Ideal for a variety of services within many industries including chemical pulp and paper power and waste water. For complete versatility the range includes fabricated, forged, and cast designs.
Material : Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze.



Ball Valves:

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Ball ValvesAn extensive range of full and reduced bore ball valves serving a wide spectrum of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, petrochemical and allied process industries. Available as lined, flanged, wafer and screwed/welded, metal or soft seated incorporating either floating or trunnion mounted designs for shut-off or control. Also suitable for cryogenic and corrosive services.
Material : Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze.


Check Valves:

Check ValvesA range of non-return valves suitable for oil, gas, water, refining, power and chemical applications where the prevention of flow reversal is mandatory. Check valves can be supplied in wafer or full body, cast, fabricated or forged body designs for high-pressure applications or lined to meet specific requirements within the chemical industry.
Material : Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass.

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